“We love what we do, how we do it, and the people involved”

Özgün Cıngıllıoğlu

Inspired by the rich history of Patara and the stories of archaeologists, I decided to embark on a new venture in Gelemiş, where I acquired an olive orchard.

As I began picking olives, my friends and family couldn't help but admire the exquisite flavor of our olive oil. To further professionalize my passion, I studied & sought certifications in healthy foods and olives from Michigan University. This endeavor led me to secure a trademark registration, giving birth to Patara's Olive Oil.

My wife and I now call Gelemiş our home, living near the natural beauty that surrounds our olive orchard. With every bottle of Patara's Olive Oil, we share the legacy of this land and our journey to create exceptional, authentic olive oil. Our commitment to quality and the essence of the Mediterranean is reflected in every drop. From the moment the olives are hand-picked to the careful extraction process, we take pride in the traditional methods that make our olive oil stand out.

Patara's Olive Oil is more than a product; it's a reflection of our love for this place, our dedication to craftsmanship, and our desire to share the rich heritage of Patara with the world. We invite you to savor the history and flavor of our handcrafted olive oil, a true taste of Gelemiş.


Invested Olive Farms

As a young entrepreneur, I've embarked on our business journey in a 5-acre olive orchard.



Patara's Olive Oil